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Hybrid Magazine: Bargain Basement – Everyone Loves Ramone

The Bosch – Buy One Get One

Joey: Good solid pseudo-punk rock. A more pop-savvy Ramones or modernized Stooges. Awesome.
Marky: Ramones-influenced, but with their own chunky flavor. Great rhythms and drills. Cool, buddy.
Dee Dee: Loud rock that would be ablast live. Rock on!
Johnny: Fun, upbeat lo-fi with and organ.

Pastrami on Rye

The Deli Magazine interviewed The Bosch recently: The Bosch: surf rock for skateboard punks

Matt: One way to think about The Bosch is to recognize how different Holt’s father and mine are. Holt’s Dad is an airline pilot who owns twelve firearms. Mine is an art curator with an alternative lifestyle. Interestingly, they both have moustaches; perhaps they represent the two sides of the mustache dialectic? Anyway, if we get famous enough, I think those two ought to have a TV show where they drive around Virginia in a van, solving mysteries. But that’s a good way to think about the band’s aesthetic – no, really.

The interview will also appear in the next print issue of The Deli (#6). That issue will be released on April 27. You know, that happens to be the same day that The Bosch will be playing a show at Tonic that is hosted, by of all people, The Deli Magazine. What a coincidence! Also playing that night will be The Negatones, Semi-Precious Weapons, Mistakes and Right On Dynamite. Listen to all of these bands in the Deli’s playlist.

While the Bosch boys rocked out at Bar 169 I managed to patch into the security camera system to get some live video of the show. I’m not done splicing all of the film together, but here’s a little taste of what went down:

-Josiah A. Pseudonym


This Thursday, Mar. 30, get ready for a Boschtravaganza at Bar 169.

Before, after and in between bands, special guest DJ’s will be spinning, including:

  • DJ’s Sno-Time at The Apollo and S.Foxx Fitzgerald [members of the band Logjam]
  • DJ Plain View
  • DJ Szauerkraut [The Bosch]
  • DJ Matt [The Bosch]
  • DJ Mojo[member of Hell….]

Bar 169 is located at 169 E. Broadway (at Rutgers St.) By subway: F to East Broadway.

Also, The Bosch will be making a special guest appearance at Logjam’s April Fool’s show on Saturday afternoon (around 4:30 pm) at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow St.)

Atomicduster Spotlight

Bosch – Buy One Get One EP (unsigned)

So this is an ‘ep’ then is it? Not an album in any shape or
form? I only ask because it appears to have NINE whole tracks on it!
Pretty damn good stuff though. Think Violent Femmes with a sprinkling
of Ramones
topping and maybe even add a dash of Devo sauce with Radio Birdman pudding.
Maybe you’d like some Iggy and The Stooges biscuits to round things
off? This is marvellous – someone sign these guys now!

N: How about a dose of B-52s? And I guess, from the pace and feel of
this ‘album’, The Bosch obviously spend days in the studio
daydreaming of the summer, catching the surf, and watching one another’s
beehive coiffures gradually resembling an Afro as the damp summer air
takes hold. 9/10″

So What

Guten Morgen, Loyal Readers. It’s 7:45am, Cleveland time, and last nights cocktail of shuckin’ oysters and single malt Auchentoshan hasn’t settled too well. To quote my little protegé, Holt “Dr. Feelbad” Richardson, stickman for my music-business-plaything The Bosch, “I’m sittin’ on the can, takin’ out the trash.”

I’ve been milkin’ the VIP treatment here in Cleveland-town the last few days, my old man was Miles Davis’ horn tech, and he grew to be a trusted ear to Miles over the years, our families tight enough to get me the invite to the Rock Hall induction ceremony for Miles… but enough about me- I know you’re here for more news about our precious boys Matt, Andrew, Brett and Holt.

The next month will see our foursome hittin’ the town, packin’ brand new songs over which they’ve been slavin’ for weeks, and two swingin’ gigs: Thursday, March 30th has the boys, along with the inimitable DJ MOJO, curating a night of rollickin’ rock- At the 169 BAR in Chinatown, along with up-and-coming duo A + P (with whom The Bosch had the distinct pleasure of sharing the bill at Sin-é.) These two guys break it down with soul, taste AND manage to bring fun to the proceedings. Hard to beat. Perhaps the stage-antics of metal heroes WHITE LIMO, close friends of Bassman Brett can manage- the last gig The Bosch played with these cats included a turkey carving- via gasoline-powered chainsaw. It was Thanksgiving, after all.

Select members of the Bosch extended family will be guest DJing all night, along with the inviting house pool table and the odd locale of East Broadway, how could yah miss it?

Next on the agenda-Thursday April 27th, Bosch-Heads can delight in the opportunity to rock out at Tonic for The Deli Magazine launch party.

Along with my behind-the-scenes prodding (avec Aiguillon De Bétail) The Bosch boys have weasled their way into favor with these fine folks, who produce a dedicated magazine about the local NYC scene. If you haven’t had the chance to give it a look, you oughta check em out at www.thedelimagazine.com. They’re in a bit of a pinch regarding their physical paper printing, needin’ to increase advert revenue, and there’s a little 20 second survey about businesses who might advertise. I say turn off yer don’t-give-a-damn switch for 5 minutes and help ’em out. The Bosch and I would be much obliged.

Also, Saturday April 1st at 4pm- think about swingin’ by THE CAKESHOP. Our good friends LOGJAM!! will perform. This will be a unique opportunity to see “LOGJAM!!” as well as a performance by LOGJAM!!.

Till next time, don’t eat Oysters in months without the letter “R.” OR with copious amounts of High-End Scotch.

yerz truly,
J.A Pseudonym

The Vail Daily News

Mike Thomas, The Vail Daily News: Veruca Salt’s return a mini-triumph

The Bosch, “Buy One Get One”

Stripped down garage rock with horns to boot, The Bosch knows how to have fun. A ska meets garage, meets punk vibe with easygoing, catchy lyrics and no message whatsoever, “Buy One Get One” draws comparisons to music as old as The Stooges or the Clash and as current as The White Stripes and The Vines.

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Welcome to 2006! So far this year, The Bosch have moved into a surprisingly comfortable and convenient new rehearsal space, played a rocking Sunday night show at The Merc’, received some nice reviews for Buy One, Get One, and have some other intriguing developments on the horizon.

In the immediate future, The Bosch get down to Death Disco this Wednesday (Jan. 25th) at The Delancey, on (not surprisingly) Delancey St. in the Lower East Side by the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge. Death Disco is always free, always a good time, and The Bosch are playing with some excellent bands, including The Great Shakes (who helped WOXY’s Lounge Act pioneer podcasting) and El Jezel (who recently released their shiny new album.)

See you on Wednesday! The password is “death metal.”

-Josiah A. Pseudonym

What’s Up! Magazine

What’s Up! Magazine: The Bosch Buy One Get One
by Joseph Westover

Mix fast paced, high energy poppy punk and surf with a garage sound in a way that makes you want shake the everlovin’ shit out of your cornhole, then throw in some horns and a harmonica, and you get The Bosch. Their album art says everything – a cleaning product bearing the band’s name with a snub nosed pistol for a nozzle. The Bosch is clean and wants to blow you away.

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HeathenAngel (Leeds, UK): The Bosch Buy One Get One

This album/lengthy EP has found its way to HeathenAngel all the way from Virginia in the good ol US of A. Mixing the Rolling Stones 60s RnB pop with some frenetic New York punk energy al a The Ramones and New York Dolls, this is a feel good garage rock party album that will have you on your feet, dancing and sweating madly before the first track has finished.

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FMQB: Submodern Buzz

Late last year, a fun little album arrived on your desk from up-and-coming band The Bosch. Buy One Get One is an enjoyable set of lo-fi, upbeat party Rock. The band describe themselves as “what you might get if The White Stripes, The Violent Femmes, and Phil Spector recorded the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie.” The Femmes comparison might come from singer/guitarist Matthew Harrison’s occasional vocal resemblance to the great Gordon Gano. Buy One Get One kicks off with the one-two punch of “Come On Phillie” and “The Movie Director.” I’m not sure if “Come On Phillie” is aimed at Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Abreu or perhaps none of the members of my favorite baseball team. And “The Movie Director” features some great keyboard flourishes in the background. Songs like “Matching Girlfriend” are almost reminiscent of the nutty, nutty ska feel of Madness. Buy One Get One is the band’s second release, after 2004’s Havin’ Fun, Soundin’ Good. For more on The Bosch, point your browser to www.boschcast.com.

~ Joey Odorisio