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What’s Up! Magazine: The Bosch Buy One Get One
by Joseph Westover

Mix fast paced, high energy poppy punk and surf with a garage sound in a way that makes you want shake the everlovin’ shit out of your cornhole, then throw in some horns and a harmonica, and you get The Bosch. Their album art says everything – a cleaning product bearing the band’s name with a snub nosed pistol for a nozzle. The Bosch is clean and wants to blow you away.

Buy One Get One is loaded with nine cop killers. “Matching Girlfriend” is a ska-ish surfish story of love on Coney Island, while the instrumental “Napoleon Invades Russia” reminds you that destroying all astromen is definitely on the agenda.

Throughout it all, the band remains true to the ideals of living life in unison with, not vicariously through, music that matches the tone of your drug habits. After all, as “Teenage Symphony” so aptly points out, “there’s a party on later tonight.”