HeathenAngel (Leeds, UK): The Bosch Buy One Get One

This album/lengthy EP has found its way to HeathenAngel all the way from Virginia in the good ol US of A. Mixing the Rolling Stones 60s RnB pop with some frenetic New York punk energy al a The Ramones and New York Dolls, this is a feel good garage rock party album that will have you on your feet, dancing and sweating madly before the first track has finished.

Although raw in performance, the production is polished enough so your ears don’t bleed even at high volume and some of the songs are padded out with blasts of saxophone and some keyboards. At 25 minutes long, the nine tracks are unlikely to bore you as The Bosch storm through the album as if they’ve overdosed on caffeine. Matthew Harrison’s vocals have a definite Mick Jagger ring to them but this album is harder and faster than anything the Stones have ever recorded.

All in all an enjoyable and energetic collection of songs which should see the band in good stead for a breakthrough in 2006. Dont be surprised to hear them hailed as the latest cool “The” band from New York very soon.