FMQB: Submodern Buzz

Late last year, a fun little album arrived on your desk from up-and-coming band The Bosch. Buy One Get One is an enjoyable set of lo-fi, upbeat party Rock. The band describe themselves as “what you might get if The White Stripes, The Violent Femmes, and Phil Spector recorded the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie.” The Femmes comparison might come from singer/guitarist Matthew Harrison’s occasional vocal resemblance to the great Gordon Gano. Buy One Get One kicks off with the one-two punch of “Come On Phillie” and “The Movie Director.” I’m not sure if “Come On Phillie” is aimed at Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Abreu or perhaps none of the members of my favorite baseball team. And “The Movie Director” features some great keyboard flourishes in the background. Songs like “Matching Girlfriend” are almost reminiscent of the nutty, nutty ska feel of Madness. Buy One Get One is the band’s second release, after 2004’s Havin’ Fun, Soundin’ Good. For more on The Bosch, point your browser to

~ Joey Odorisio