Pastrami on Rye

The Deli Magazine interviewed The Bosch recently: The Bosch: surf rock for skateboard punks

Matt: One way to think about The Bosch is to recognize how different Holt’s father and mine are. Holt’s Dad is an airline pilot who owns twelve firearms. Mine is an art curator with an alternative lifestyle. Interestingly, they both have moustaches; perhaps they represent the two sides of the mustache dialectic? Anyway, if we get famous enough, I think those two ought to have a TV show where they drive around Virginia in a van, solving mysteries. But that’s a good way to think about the band’s aesthetic – no, really.

The interview will also appear in the next print issue of The Deli (#6). That issue will be released on April 27. You know, that happens to be the same day that The Bosch will be playing a show at Tonic that is hosted, by of all people, The Deli Magazine. What a coincidence! Also playing that night will be The Negatones, Semi-Precious Weapons, Mistakes and Right On Dynamite. Listen to all of these bands in the Deli’s playlist.

While the Bosch boys rocked out at Bar 169 I managed to patch into the security camera system to get some live video of the show. I’m not done splicing all of the film together, but here’s a little taste of what went down:

-Josiah A. Pseudonym