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The Bosch, “Buy One Get One”

Stripped down garage rock with horns to boot, The Bosch knows how to have fun. A ska meets garage, meets punk vibe with easygoing, catchy lyrics and no message whatsoever, “Buy One Get One” draws comparisons to music as old as The Stooges or the Clash and as current as The White Stripes and The Vines.

Regrettably, The Bosch incorporates snippets of conversations one may find echoing in the back corners of a party into the album. The songs on “Buy One Get One” certainly aren’t of a serious nature, but the “cute” touch this band from Kentucky shoots for only takes away from the music.

For a self-released project, “Buy One Get One” sounds great; it would be a surprise if some label didn’t pick up The Bosch next time. Fans of The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand and other modern day garage bands should take note and consider picking this up, but you might have to go to to get it.