Atomicduster Spotlight

Bosch – Buy One Get One EP (unsigned)

So this is an ‘ep’ then is it? Not an album in any shape or
form? I only ask because it appears to have NINE whole tracks on it!
Pretty damn good stuff though. Think Violent Femmes with a sprinkling
of Ramones
topping and maybe even add a dash of Devo sauce with Radio Birdman pudding.
Maybe you’d like some Iggy and The Stooges biscuits to round things
off? This is marvellous – someone sign these guys now!

N: How about a dose of B-52s? And I guess, from the pace and feel of
this ‘album’, The Bosch obviously spend days in the studio
daydreaming of the summer, catching the surf, and watching one another’s
beehive coiffures gradually resembling an Afro as the damp summer air
takes hold. 9/10″