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Mike Thomas, The Vail Daily News: Veruca Salt’s return a mini-triumph

The Bosch, “Buy One Get One”

Stripped down garage rock with horns to boot, The Bosch knows how to have fun. A ska meets garage, meets punk vibe with easygoing, catchy lyrics and no message whatsoever, “Buy One Get One” draws comparisons to music as old as The Stooges or the Clash and as current as The White Stripes and The Vines.

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Welcome to 2006! So far this year, The Bosch have moved into a surprisingly comfortable and convenient new rehearsal space, played a rocking Sunday night show at The Merc’, received some nice reviews for Buy One, Get One, and have some other intriguing developments on the horizon.

In the immediate future, The Bosch get down to Death Disco this Wednesday (Jan. 25th) at The Delancey, on (not surprisingly) Delancey St. in the Lower East Side by the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge. Death Disco is always free, always a good time, and The Bosch are playing with some excellent bands, including The Great Shakes (who helped WOXY’s Lounge Act pioneer podcasting) and El Jezel (who recently released their shiny new album.)

See you on Wednesday! The password is “death metal.”

-Josiah A. Pseudonym

What’s Up! Magazine

What’s Up! Magazine: The Bosch Buy One Get One
by Joseph Westover

Mix fast paced, high energy poppy punk and surf with a garage sound in a way that makes you want shake the everlovin’ shit out of your cornhole, then throw in some horns and a harmonica, and you get The Bosch. Their album art says everything – a cleaning product bearing the band’s name with a snub nosed pistol for a nozzle. The Bosch is clean and wants to blow you away.

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HeathenAngel (Leeds, UK): The Bosch Buy One Get One

This album/lengthy EP has found its way to HeathenAngel all the way from Virginia in the good ol US of A. Mixing the Rolling Stones 60s RnB pop with some frenetic New York punk energy al a The Ramones and New York Dolls, this is a feel good garage rock party album that will have you on your feet, dancing and sweating madly before the first track has finished.

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FMQB: Submodern Buzz

Late last year, a fun little album arrived on your desk from up-and-coming band The Bosch. Buy One Get One is an enjoyable set of lo-fi, upbeat party Rock. The band describe themselves as “what you might get if The White Stripes, The Violent Femmes, and Phil Spector recorded the soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino movie.” The Femmes comparison might come from singer/guitarist Matthew Harrison’s occasional vocal resemblance to the great Gordon Gano. Buy One Get One kicks off with the one-two punch of “Come On Phillie” and “The Movie Director.” I’m not sure if “Come On Phillie” is aimed at Jimmy Rollins, Bobby Abreu or perhaps none of the members of my favorite baseball team. And “The Movie Director” features some great keyboard flourishes in the background. Songs like “Matching Girlfriend” are almost reminiscent of the nutty, nutty ska feel of Madness. Buy One Get One is the band’s second release, after 2004’s Havin’ Fun, Soundin’ Good. For more on The Bosch, point your browser to

~ Joey Odorisio


The Bosch – Buy One Get One (Independently released CD EP, Rock)

New York quartet The Bosch made the right decision to head to Lexington, Kentucky to record this lengthy EP. Produced by Duane Lundy, Buy One Get One is a cool hard rock experience. Blasting out of the gates with the harsh and catchy “Come On Phillie,” these guys provide nine intense garage rockers played with gusto and style. The band consists of Brett Beyer, Andrew Raff, Matthew Harrison, and Holt Richardson. These guys write great songs and they play like they mean it. Buy One Get One is proof positive that The Bosch is a band to watch. Classy tracks include “Metronome,” “Back to the Laboratory,” and “Tell the Doctor.” (Rating: 5+)

Silent Uproar

Silent Uproar: THE BOSCH, “BUY ONE, GET ONE”

The Bosch is a Virginia-based [sic] quartet–simple, catchy, and oddly unsigned. The latter part of that statement puzzles me, as Buy One, Get One, from its non-descript album cover and song titles, is the ultimate feel-good record: Humorous, often silly lyrics, smart horn arrangements, and thoughtful songwriting that’s neither trite nor too vintage for modern ears, and isn’t condescending–it’s fun.

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