Silent Uproar

Silent Uproar: THE BOSCH, “BUY ONE, GET ONE”

The Bosch is a Virginia-based [sic] quartet–simple, catchy, and oddly unsigned. The latter part of that statement puzzles me, as Buy One, Get One, from its non-descript album cover and song titles, is the ultimate feel-good record: Humorous, often silly lyrics, smart horn arrangements, and thoughtful songwriting that’s neither trite nor too vintage for modern ears, and isn’t condescending–it’s fun.

As multi-instrumentalists, The Bosch manage to vary their style from song to song, and often it’s not clear whether you’re listening to the same band as the record progresses. “Come On Phillie” is pure rock & roll, utilizing Andrew Raff’s saxophone talents for additional taste, and when he comes back in on “Metronome,” I’m hard-pressed to not be reminded of X-Ray Spex. “Matching Girlfriend” would blend in perfectly on a collaboration between the Mad Caddies and Reel Big Fish, as The Bosch proves they’re as ska-savvy as anyone else. They show this once more, with “Back to the Laboratory,” akin to the Aquabats on speed. Elsewhere, their melodic sensibilities shine through, as in the keyboard-laden 60s garage rock throwback of “Zombie Killer” and the surf-inspired instrumental “Napoleon Invades Russia.”

Overall, The Bosch and Buy One, Get One won’t make you think, but that’s not their aim. They’re making witty, light-hearted tunes, and while there’s no artistic focus or underlying message, it’s a damn fun time.

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