Winter Solstice Recording Update

Things may seem quiet here in The Bosch country, but we’ve got some big things on the radar. We’re currently in pre-production for a new recording and will be in the studio in January. What does that mean? Details. Getting all the details in order, from playing all the notes and rhythms together to having tape for the recordings.

We will be recording in glorious analog sound, filling a 2 inch wide reel of analog tape with 2 minute long songs. (And some songs that even crack the 3 minute mark.) Once again, Duane Lundy will be producing and mixing. Two studios will be implicated in the process– The Walkmen’s Marcata Recording in scenic New Paltz, NY and Matt Verta-Ray’s (Speedball Baby, Heavy Trash) N.Y. HED in the somewhat less scenic Lower East Side.

The end result will be an EP released in early 2007. We’ll be revisiting some of the songs from this summer’s demos, rearranged versions of some live staples, and brand new songs. And once in the studio, we will be taking photos and posting updates whenever possible. After that, the songs will be mixed, mastered, pressed and released. Hopefully in that order.

Until then, happy holidays! Light a menorah, decorate a tree, drink a holiday beverage, or enjoy the unseasonably warm weather here in NY.

Friday Crash

There’s only one musicial extravaganza in NYC on Friday that will kick off with the swinging sounds of The Bosch. So, be there.

It’s at Crash Mansion, which is located at 199 Bowery (at Spring St.) There will be an open bar from 9-10. That happens to coincide with our set time. Fantabulous! Our good friends The Walk Ons will be joining us in the pursuit of ROCK. MTV Korea will be in the house! Maggie Kim will release a video! Tenacious D’s The Pick of Destiny will represent! We’ll use many exclamation points!

And you, yes you, can get in for FREE, but only if you RSVP to Let them know that you’d like to be on the list to see The Bosch. And then, show up at Crash Mansion at 9 PM on Friday.

So, to reiterate:
The Bosch.
Crash Mansion (199 Bowery).
Friday November 10.
9 PM.

We’ll see you there!

-Holt, Valerie, Andrew, Matt

PS, we have new yellow stickers!

Now let’s all get drunk and play ping pong!

That sentence sounds much cooler when Patrick Stewart says it

Clear your calendar. Tell your friends. Tell your family.

The Bosch play the Mercury Lounge on September 25 at 9 PM. Yes, it’s a Monday, but do you really have anything better to do on a Monday night? Monday Night Football? It’s not even on broadcast anymore. The Raconteurs? Pfft. They’ll be playing again on Tuesday. Two and a Half Men? Come on!

So we hope that you make it on the 25th. But also, so that we can play the Mercury again– perhaps even on a night that’s not a Monday. And I, for one, like playing and seeing shows there. The sound is good. The stage is big. The room is nice. It’s conveniently located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The bands playing there are typically very good. (This lineup looks to be no exception).

And we’ll have new songs, a new lineup (well, new to those of you who didn’t make it to Trash in July), new instruments and new, um, news.

See you then!

Oh yeah, the details:
The Bosch
play The Mercury Lounge
217 E. Houston St. (at Ave. A/Essex St.)
Subway: F to 2nd Ave.; J/M/Z to Essex St.
Mon. Sept. 25
9 pm

Mercury Flyer

The Bosch debuts new lineup and more!

These are exciting times here at Bosch World HQ.

The band is featured on Clear Channel’s FormatLab Indie Undiscovered (CH 1009) channel.

Andrew was featured in the The New York Times, The Washington Post and Wired News for writing a parody song about Sen. Stevens’s “The Internet is a Series of Tubes” speech and having the parody song deleted from MySpace. See the full details at Andrew’s blog: A series of tubes: the song: the story.

And, most importantly, this week, we debut our new lineup, with Valerie Sauve, Quebecouis veterinarian and expert four-stringer. Here are the details:

DJ Mojo presents
this Wed 7/26
256 Grand Street btw Driggs & Roebling, Williamsburg (L to Bedford)
Bosch at 10
Open Bar 8-9

Come On Phillie Live Video

Do you remember The Bosch set from the show at Tonic this April? The one featuring Porn Horns sitting in? Yeah, we’re kind of hazy on the details, too, but fortunately filmmaker Jack Ferry was there with his video camera and produced this most awesome of videos:

Download: The Bosch – Come On Phillie (High Resolution Quicktime, requires Quicktime 7, 70 MB)
Download for iPod video: The Bosch – Come On Phillie (Low resolution .m4v Quicktime/iPod, 12 MB)

Aboard the S.S. Boschitania

There’s lots of big-time news from out in Bosch Country- where the flavor is. 

First off,  there’s an extra-special big time spectacular show out at Union Pool. In adddition to it being our first gig that hallowed hall of pompadours, cuffed jeans, and sweetly crafted hot-rods, our dear friends, Country Club and the Porn Horns, graciously invited us to perform along with them at their “Pee in the Pool Party”- ganking one of their promotional posters is reason enough to attend, trust me!  

Most important though, for those of you unaware, our dear Brett Beyer is jumping overboard from the S.S. Boschitania. He’s doing it to earn his living, and, of course, to help out the Congolese(his actual plans include grad school and more intense commitment to his voice-over work, among others). 

For over two years, Brett has been the rock conscience of our band, keeping things real, and our collective eye on the prize of accessibility and fun. He will be missed, although he is sure to continue to provide us much fun and companionship as drinking buddy and confidante. 

Needless to say, it will be an extra-special opportunity (READ: YOUR LAST!!) to see the all X-Y chromosomed Bosch in action…..that’s right!!  We also would like to introduce you all to our brand new band member, Ms. Valérie Sauvé (last name rhymes with okay, although she’s well beyond that qualification). Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, and impressively employed as a veterinarian, Valérie is a natural fit into our type of groove. She’s a long-time drummer turned bassist, and is super enthusiastic about our tunes. Hurray!!!  

After this Saturday, The Bosch will retire to our ultra-secret Bosch-cave to work on new material, new arrangements of old favourites, and bring Valerie up to speed (about 180 BPM).

-Holt, Matt and Andrew

Tripartite Update

Here’s the latest news from Bosch central:

1. This Friday, May 19, The Bosch play at Sin-é with our friends in A+P, who ROCK (yes, with capital letters.)

150 Attorney st (between Houston and Stanton).
11:00 PM
with A+P (midnight) and Orange Park (10 pm)

2. Should we be proud or embarrassed? “The Movie Director” was used in the soundtrack of the MTV series My Super Sweet 16 (episode #305 “Alex.”) We’re the “featured artist. ” The show reruns quite a bit, so don’t be surprised to hear the sweet sound of the Bosch while watching your favorite guilty pleasure reality show.

3. We are in the midst of recording some of our newest songs with the able assistance of Mr. James Call and the creative aid of beer. We hope to be done soon– before we get kicked out of the studio.

Pastrami on Rye

The Deli Magazine interviewed The Bosch recently: The Bosch: surf rock for skateboard punks

Matt: One way to think about The Bosch is to recognize how different Holt’s father and mine are. Holt’s Dad is an airline pilot who owns twelve firearms. Mine is an art curator with an alternative lifestyle. Interestingly, they both have moustaches; perhaps they represent the two sides of the mustache dialectic? Anyway, if we get famous enough, I think those two ought to have a TV show where they drive around Virginia in a van, solving mysteries. But that’s a good way to think about the band’s aesthetic – no, really.

The interview will also appear in the next print issue of The Deli (#6). That issue will be released on April 27. You know, that happens to be the same day that The Bosch will be playing a show at Tonic that is hosted, by of all people, The Deli Magazine. What a coincidence! Also playing that night will be The Negatones, Semi-Precious Weapons, Mistakes and Right On Dynamite. Listen to all of these bands in the Deli’s playlist.

While the Bosch boys rocked out at Bar 169 I managed to patch into the security camera system to get some live video of the show. I’m not done splicing all of the film together, but here’s a little taste of what went down:

-Josiah A. Pseudonym