Tripartite Update

Here’s the latest news from Bosch central:

1. This Friday, May 19, The Bosch play at Sin-é with our friends in A+P, who ROCK (yes, with capital letters.)

150 Attorney st (between Houston and Stanton).
11:00 PM
with A+P (midnight) and Orange Park (10 pm)

2. Should we be proud or embarrassed? “The Movie Director” was used in the soundtrack of the MTV series My Super Sweet 16 (episode #305 “Alex.”) We’re the “featured artist. ” The show reruns quite a bit, so don’t be surprised to hear the sweet sound of the Bosch while watching your favorite guilty pleasure reality show.

3. We are in the midst of recording some of our newest songs with the able assistance of Mr. James Call and the creative aid of beer. We hope to be done soon– before we get kicked out of the studio.