Aboard the S.S. Boschitania

There’s lots of big-time news from out in Bosch Country- where the flavor is. 

First off,  there’s an extra-special big time spectacular show out at Union Pool. In adddition to it being our first gig that hallowed hall of pompadours, cuffed jeans, and sweetly crafted hot-rods, our dear friends, Country Club and the Porn Horns, graciously invited us to perform along with them at their “Pee in the Pool Party”- ganking one of their promotional posters is reason enough to attend, trust me!  

Most important though, for those of you unaware, our dear Brett Beyer is jumping overboard from the S.S. Boschitania. He’s doing it to earn his living, and, of course, to help out the Congolese(his actual plans include grad school and more intense commitment to his voice-over work, among others). 

For over two years, Brett has been the rock conscience of our band, keeping things real, and our collective eye on the prize of accessibility and fun. He will be missed, although he is sure to continue to provide us much fun and companionship as drinking buddy and confidante. 

Needless to say, it will be an extra-special opportunity (READ: YOUR LAST!!) to see the all X-Y chromosomed Bosch in action…..that’s right!!  We also would like to introduce you all to our brand new band member, Ms. Valérie Sauvé (last name rhymes with okay, although she’s well beyond that qualification). Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, and impressively employed as a veterinarian, Valérie is a natural fit into our type of groove. She’s a long-time drummer turned bassist, and is super enthusiastic about our tunes. Hurray!!!  

After this Saturday, The Bosch will retire to our ultra-secret Bosch-cave to work on new material, new arrangements of old favourites, and bring Valerie up to speed (about 180 BPM).

-Holt, Matt and Andrew

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