Winter Solstice Recording Update

Things may seem quiet here in The Bosch country, but we’ve got some big things on the radar. We’re currently in pre-production for a new recording and will be in the studio in January. What does that mean? Details. Getting all the details in order, from playing all the notes and rhythms together to having tape for the recordings.

We will be recording in glorious analog sound, filling a 2 inch wide reel of analog tape with 2 minute long songs. (And some songs that even crack the 3 minute mark.) Once again, Duane Lundy will be producing and mixing. Two studios will be implicated in the process– The Walkmen’s Marcata Recording in scenic New Paltz, NY and Matt Verta-Ray’s (Speedball Baby, Heavy Trash) N.Y. HED in the somewhat less scenic Lower East Side.

The end result will be an EP released in early 2007. We’ll be revisiting some of the songs from this summer’s demos, rearranged versions of some live staples, and brand new songs. And once in the studio, we will be taking photos and posting updates whenever possible. After that, the songs will be mixed, mastered, pressed and released. Hopefully in that order.

Until then, happy holidays! Light a menorah, decorate a tree, drink a holiday beverage, or enjoy the unseasonably warm weather here in NY.