Latest Update

Hi kids, Josiah A. Pseudonym here. I’ve been stockpiling ibuprofen and cheap vodka while the Bosch boys have been hard at work, so excuse me if I’m a little disoriented, especially since I just left the dark expanse of Brett Beyer’s custom darkroom and music studio in a neighborhood of Brooklyn so hip, he’s the only man who knows it exists.  Brett’s been cutting a few station IDs for radio stations, and I came over to listen to ’em.  Pretty fun stuff.  Which of course brings up the obvious – The Bosch is on your radio, boys and girls – 250+ radio stations and growing across the US and Canada. These are all great radio stations that actually play all kinds of interesting independent music, so listen up and don’t forget to call or email and request more of the Bosch sound on the airwaves.

What else?  The Bosch has managed to put together something special this Saturday 11/20… Back to the playboy Mr. Beyer for a moment… Brett was an organizer of a series of loft parties called “Colossus” that took place over the summer, the last of which The Bosch rocked.  Now Brett’s been able to bring the party to the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and The Bosch has put together a whole night of entertainment.  The night starts off with the chainsaw-wielding freaks White Limo at 9, metalhead maniacs from upstate who promise to chainsaw a turkey on stage (cooked? we sure hope so) if they ain’t arrested first.  During WL’s set, there’s gonna be an OPEN BAR.  Then it’s Federale, with their fun, straight-up Southern chicken-fried-steak gibsons-and-crotches rock ‘n roll, grrrrr!  Then The Bosch.  Then the night winds up with Walk Humongous, who at their recent Luna Lounge appearance with The Bosch managed to antagonize their loyal crowd so much that the stage was covered in exploded raw egg, corn beef hash, and the blood of the crazy front man Max.  So wear your drinkin’ shoes this Saturday and for God’s sake, stand back!

Speaking of that last Luna Lounge show, these snapshots I took might give you an idea of the scope of the rocking… or something…

Matt and Brett

Andrew and Holt

I hear that the boys are hard at work on some fresh new tunes there in the Bosch’s subterranean lair and will be rolling a couple out for the Trash show.

I’m hard at work updating the web site with some new tasty digital bits. In addition to the radio page, you can download some new MP3’s, which were recorded at the last Trash show by official friend of The Bosch, Steve O’Rourke.

Already, the band is brewing up big plans for the new year. All I can tell you know is that they involve a secret, undisclosed location, bowling, and copious amounts of sake.