The Bosch says: Boo!

Josiah Pseudonym here, trying to stuff myself into this polyester pirate costume.  Guess I hit the buffet a little too hard on my recent junket to Las Vegas.  Ah well!  My alligator suit keeps me looking sharp the rest of the time, and if I look a little large when I say “Shiver me timbers” that’s just too bad for the ladies, they will have to come to know my more… subtle charms.

Oh, I almost forgot why I’m writing this.  That rock band I do stuff for!  Right!  Well, first off, those folks over at Tinderbox Music have really pulled it together for The Bosch boys.  The Bosch tunes are being spun on over 100 radio stations!  My goodness.  The radio page is almost ready with the new stations, it’ll list all the stations they’re being played on, plus it’ll have request line numbers and web site links and all that jazz.

Be sure to check out The Bosch at their FREE HALLOWEEN SHOW at Luna Lounge in Manhattan’s Lower East Side this Saturday, October 30.  The Bosch are on at 9:30, while their maniacal friends, Walk Humongous, are on at 8:30.  WH and The Bosch have rocked out at loft parties and Trash together, and this one promises to be a special night of Halloween-tinged craziness.  So make no other plans for that night, you don’t need ‘em!

What else?  Oh, besides being available for download on iTunes and other online sources, 3WK radio has reached out to The Bosch and is now offering “Metronome” on its online radio service.  3WK is definitely worth checking out.

And they’ve also been featured in Lollipop’s most recent MP3 CD sampler, free with the Sept/Oct issue, out now.  Lollipop is a rad music and culture mag that covers genres from indie to hardcore. 

And ladies and gents, keep the entries to the tattoo contest coming.  Reminder: the winner gets prizes!!!

With that, I must go back to getting these pants and eyepatch on… It’s going to be a long night for us all!


Josiah A. Pseudonym