Eight tracks, no filler

Josiah A. Pseudonym here bringing you the latest Bosch news from here in arctic Brooklyn.

First up, check out this review at Lollipop magazine, which says the following nice things about Havin’ Fun Soundin’ Good:

“This disc is eight tracks, no filler. Look at it as a nice, concise take where Dick Dale, Boss Martians, Violent Femmes, Dirty Looks, Pylon, and Little Stevenís Underground Garage say “hi.” Perfect recording, coulda used a couple covers to push it over a half hour, but hey, they didnít need my advice to make a good one.”

In January, the Bosch boys will be leaving Brooklyn in a quest to record their next disc. I’ll give you the details as soon as I have them, but the boys are hard at work rehearsing the new songs for the new album. They hit the studio in mid-January. Watch this space for news about the disc and info from the sessions…

Also in January, the boys will be bringing the new tunes (and your favorite Bosch classics) to some new venues, Lit Lounge in the East Village and the Asbury Lanes in exotic Asbury Park, NJ. For details, see the gigs page.

Until then, this is Josiah A. Pseudonym reporting live.