The Big News

Greetin’s cretins! Josiah Pseudonym here with some big news: A NEW RECORD’S COMIN’!

The Bosch boys are heading to Kentucky in mid-June to cut a shiny, new, long-playing EP. Duane Lundy – rising star, top indie producer, and Kentucky’s finest – will be the man behind the board, serving as chief engineer and producer. Duane has worked with a number of cool bands, including VHS or Beta. Once the record is good and cooked to perfection, Jeffrey Smith’s Crash Avenue is going to be pushin’ the record on college and specialty radio, and in a magazine and newspaper near you.

So were hoping that you’ll see a new Bosch record by the end of the summer. Pretty sweet!

We’re looking to set up the web site so that you can pre-order the album for $10, or you can just find us at a show.

— Josiah A. P.