Almost a tour

Cats and Kitties-

As the seasons begin to change, so do the Bosch Boys’ fortunes, as their unfulfilled need to rock the great and wide land of these United States is coming to fruition- with their first trip to Boston, Mass.

On their first trip outta the tri-state area, the Boys settled on Beantown USA, home of my alma mater, Harvard University(B.S, Female Anthropology). I gotta admit, I was singin’ the body electric about the boys comin up here- and I was waiting outside the Midway Cafe holdin’ a trayful of brimming bowls of chowder, truly an uncharacteristic behavior on my part, but I was totally jazzed to welcome them to my post-adolescent stomping ground, so I figured I’d throw caution to the wind.

Turns out the boys were held up in the Big Apple- truth be told, I forgot I was havin’ hidden cameras and listening devices installed in their Ford V8 (help me keep tabs on my mealticket and all), but let’s just keep that between us. So, with a late start outta Crooklyn, and being generally unfamiliar with the concept of the Roman style road design featuring “rotaries”, The Boys showed up about 45 minutes late for their set time- And I’d long since tired of holding that tray of Clam Chowder, so to the rats it went….

Luckily, Mark Devito and company from Lowredland, a fine trio of boys well versed in their own particular brew of noisy southern fried pop and melancholy, ably jumped the stage and saved the day, takin the Bosch’s slot and allowing the boys just enough time to drown their anxious nerves in brown liquids of a few varieties. This, in addition to helping lighten the load for The Bosch by sharing their drums and bass rig earns Lowredland a place in the Bosch hall of fame for being awesome fuckin’ dudes. Lowredland will join us at Trash Bar in Brooklyn on Friday, May 6th, so come and check this tight act out.

After the show, a blazin’ 40 minutes of Bosch faves, plus three new tunes, the boys mixed in with the locals, sold a coupla CDs, and enjoyed the other acts- Birds and Batteries, and Blythe Hollow, and finally found shelter for the evening with Mr. Neil of Lowredland.

Day two found the boys regrouping and converging on Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass- for an afternoon of sunshine and street performance, before piling back in the caravan to the big city- and a second gig at the recently opened Underscore- a fine subterreanean venue in the nineties on First Ave. The boys were well received and shredded an extra long set- probably about 50 minutes on stage, including a group whiskey toast and an impromtu performance of Teenage Symphony (by request of the infamous Naggie).

All in all, it was a fine weekend adventure,selling CDs, making fans, singing Black Flag’s “TV Party”, eating White Castle at 3 in the morning, the usual. All boding well for these freaks to keep sane on the longer roads ahead….

Till the next time,

Keep the love in yer hearts and touch your pink parts,