Trash: A Joint with Class

Ah, what a sweet night we had at Trash Bar in Williamsburg this last Friday. It was one of the more fun nights we’ve ever had. The Jason Hogg crew rolled in, so did people from as far away as Jersey and Pennsylvania, Space Program peeps, and more. Thanks dudes. Owen did some MEAN-ass sound for us, sounded so good on stage, and Aaron (sp?), the owner, talked to us for a bit over beers. Both are scholars and gentlemen! Also ran into Mojo, the friendliest booking agent and scenester in NYC.

Walk Humongous were just rad. Max of course got pelted with beer cans. The stage was covered in (fake?) blood, broken glass, and about three dozen Pabst cans when they were done. As Max said, a “Pretty typical Walk Humongous show.”

We don’t know what happened to Low Red Land. We played with these guys in Boston last month and they were super nice to us, putting us up and extending all kinds of hospitalities our way. We figured they’d crash with us after the gig, but after W.H.’s set they vanished. We called ’em a bunch, but they were nowhere to be found. We hope they found friends and some warm beds. We’re sure the handsome boys from the land of Dirty Water did OK, we’re not too concerned.

And apologies to our friends The Walk-Ons, who didn’t have as long a set as we liked, but they brought in the power-pop heroics, as normal. Missed the band after us, but did catch Temper Temper, who turned in a hot, late set.

I ended up at some nameless (really) bar down Grand Street after the show and load-out with Oana, Melanie, and Dave Currie. Closed the joint up and went home…

Our next show is at a Strip Club. You should come.

— Matt