New Tunes

A lot of things are under development here at The Bosch World HQ.

First of all, you can hear a sneak preview of rough mixes from the latest recording session at the new Bosch page on MySpace. Teenage Symphony, Come on Phillie and Tell the Doctor are there for your aural enjoyment.

“Uncle Steve,” Steve O’Rourke, who did a great job producing these recordings, sat in with the boys at their last Luna Lounge show for three songs. Additionally, The Bosch is glad to have Uncle Steve’s band, The Shroud of Lowell, playing with them at Lit Lounge next Thursday, Mar. 10. The Bosch are on at 10:45, but come early for the Shroud of Lowell at 10 pm.

Until then, keep watching the skies.

-Josiah A. Pseudonym.