Take the Bosch heads bowling

Josiah A. Pseudonym here, just coming to consciousness after one hell of a night with our favorite boys from Brooklyn. I decided to take my brand-new Aston Martin Vanquish for a proper test-drive, so I set about dropping the hammer and tooling my way down the Jersey Shore to see the Bosch boys play at the Asbury Lanes. I brought along my flavor of the week Paulina for warmth and comfort, her creamy curves almost indiscernible against my custom sharkskin interior. I was following the boys down from a safe distance, not wanting them to see my new wheels…better they be in the dark, in order to keep their drool off my hot British import for at least a coupla weeks. Paulina and I pressed on after the boys pulled into the Cheesequake rest area for some highly processed starches and otherwise condiment-laden junk food.

When we arrived down at the Lanes, I have to admit, I was a little spooked by the ghost town atmosphere. Given, a beach town in January probably won’t be the world’s most crowded place, but I tucked the Derringer in my waist holster and made Paulina carry a switchblade in her garter belt just in case. The only clue to the hipness of the indoor scene was a pretty hot lookin’ Galaxie-500 in the lot. Once we stepped through the doors, we found ourselves in a Rockabilly oasis the likes of which I’ve never seen. Hot ladies in modified bee-hives, sexy tattoos, and cool cats, all smiles everywhere. They’d set up a pretty ample stage area crossing about two full lanes in the middle of the bowling alley, and the DJ was spinning swingin’ twang, old-school r&b and punk right from the get-go.

We sauntered over to bar to imbibe for a bit before the Bosch boys arrived. I wasn’t quite loosed up enough to part with my alligator boots and start bowling… I’d need a few more highballs poured full for that part of the evening.

In The Bosch boys came, wide eyed and thrilled at this virtual paradise. The boys were totally jazzed by the generosity of the other acts- specifically- Gary and Brian from The Mofos and Miranda from The Hunchback graciously lending crucial instruments that our Brooklyn men couldn’t quite fit in the Taurus they were loaned by Matt’s long-limbed lady, Ms. Adrienne.

After a tight and smoking set, The Bosch boys enjoyed a bit of ten pins themselves, met some of the fine and friendly denizens, and got an interview in one of the local papers with Ms. Tara.

I gotta split now, Paulina’s just popped a bottle of Cristal in the hot tub……

-Josiah A. Pseudonym