Americana UK

Americana UK: The Bosch “But One Get One” EP (Independent 2005)

With the recent passing of the great Link Wray it’s good to see bands still relying on a riff heavy sound unafraid to bring in horns and anything else they feel will add to the stew. There’s also something about the Violent Femmes about these tracks, especially the call and response of ‘Back to the Laboratory’ as well as elements of the Cramps – you may have spotted that in ‘Zombie Killer,’ whilst ‘The Movie Director’ has a kind of harsh propulsion that reminded me of Big Chief. With the horn led party anthems ‘Matching Girlfriend’ and the brighter poppier sound of ‘Teenage Symphony’ you have the perfect 25 minutes to soundtrack the time it takes for frat party boys to get so drunk they don’t know what they are listening to.