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The Deli Magazine: Snack of the Day: The Bosch:

Imagine Brian Wilson, Dick Dale, and Joey Ramone stayed up all night taking speed pills and Ritalin. The resulting album would bear a striking resemblance to The Bosch’s latest album, Buy One Get One. The Bosch play an upbeat style of rock that combines the colorful production values of Beach Boys with surf rock energy and punk rock grit. Fast and focused, the album drives ahead at full speed, ripping through nine songs in just twenty-five minutes. The band plays so fast that tracks like ‘The Movie Director’ and ‘Napoleon Invades Russia’ are over almost before they start. The Bosch slow down long enough to enjoy the scenery on ‘Teenage Symphony’, the best and best produced song on Buy One Get One. Starting off with rolling drums, a Phil Spector wall of sound is built brick by brick, adding synthesizers, saxophones, and even sleigh bells to thicken up the sound until the song becomes a full-blown symphony. Just when it seems you’ve got The Bosch figured out, they fire off a song that defies expectation, making their album that much more rewarding in the process.