A quick press junket

Hello again fair maidens and gents,

Ol’ Josiah here again, just visitin’ the Large Apple for a quick Bosch press junket, along with a reload of my white lightning store liquid and powder forms, of course (like Grape Drink have you seen this stuff in the bodega? Its wild!) they dont call me the key master for nothing! Ill be getting the heck outta Dodge when them stodgy red staters come a knockin, and I got to have entertainment when Im in the Boonies

The Fall is shaping up nicely for the boys. Theyre happy to already be well-booked into October, and theyre expecting even more noise from the clubs n schools all about the Northeast.

The sexy tattoo contest is well underway. So far all the entries have been from the ladies none of the gents have had the cajones so far to throw in their hats, all though, Im sure the Boschs lady-fans would love to see em, so bare yer pair, as the wise man once said!!!

The Bosch looks forward to seein you hoppin and boppin real soon, and so do I!