Lollipop Magazine (Boston, MA)

Craig Regala, Lollipop Magazine, Hieronymus Bosch: Havin’ Fun Soundin’ Good

Surf-based band with nods to classic garage rock (un-ruined by duh punks or pop scammery) fuzz chime with kinda geeky vocals. Coulda done well opening for Dirty Looks at their LP release party in 1980. Hell, it almost sounds like Hieronymous Bosch are gonna crack into D. Looks’ “They Got Me Covered” a couple times. One of the great things about surf-based stuff is the structure is open enough for some melodically stinging guitar to stretch out for some rocked-out gear shifting. This disc is eight tracks, no filler. Look at it as a nice, concise take where Dick Dale, Boss Martians, Violent Femmes, Dirty Looks, Pylon, and Little Steven’s Underground Garage say “hi.” Perfect recording, coulda used a couple covers to push it over a half hour, but hey, they didn’t need my advice to make a good one.