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The Bosch: Buy One, Get One

Although Buy One, Get One is not much of a departure musically from The Bosch’s debut effort, Havin’ Fun, Soundin’ Good, this second album, which, incidentally, has a few retakes from the first, is more polished and certainly more marketable with the aide of experienced and experimental producer Duane Lundy. Their signature brand of high-energy New York-style surf rock, however, remains intact.

Recording in the almost-South of Lexington, Kentucky, this band borrowed as much from old rock legends Chuck Berry or Jerry Lee Lewis as they did from Dick Dale or indie sweetheart Frank Black. Yet the tongue-in-cheekiness of the lyrics and wild abandonment is more akin to The Violent Femmes. They’re not afraid to shake and shimmer and revel in silliness, while all the while fully expecting everyone to take them completely seriously.