Adam Coozer,  

Bosch, The “Hurry Up EP”

Record Label: S/R Genre: Garage Band Link:
Ever notice that garage bands rarely ever ROCK? Weird, right?Well, The Bosch ROCK. They hit all the right notes – their garagey swagger isn’t hipsterish – it’s a genuinely cool Lou Reed thing with even a little Joey Ramone in there. The music is great – an immensely likable mix of 60s garage, 50s r&b, and Strokesy rock. They’re also one of the only garage bands that incorporate keys and horns and have it sound awesome. But most of all, these are good songs. Too much of my time is spent reviewing stuff that may sound good, may sound bad, but preciously little of it would I listen to again, let alone put on my iPod. Many bands can sound good, but so few can write good, memorable songs. The Bosch are right there. They are in full control and they confidently rock out tunes you want to go back and hear again. Recommended for Strokes fans who don’t want a Strokes clone.
Bottom Line: Upbeat, fun, rockin’, catchy… rarities in the garage world but The Bosch have em covered. Notable Tracks: This Town, Paperback, the ska-ish Counting and Back to Reality (they even do ska well?!)Overall Rating:  (4.5/5)