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Mandana Beigi, One Way Magazine Launchpad #19: The Bosch – Buy One, Get One

This high energy, fast-paced, pop/punk/rock quartet from New York City will rock your world and have you on your feet, dancing, jumping, and screaming before the end of the first track.

They are loud and rowdy and know exactly how to be mean and fun. The Bosch boasts a weird yet powerful sound that is probably what you would get if the Ramones and the New York Dolls were on ecstasy while having an orgy with the Violent Femmes and the White Stripes in a Quentin Tarantino movie!

Buy One Get One is the band’s second independent release and one hell of a ride, going through nine songs in just twenty minutes. They’re fast but focused and never lose control of what drives this super speedy experience. The opening track, “Come on Phillie,” the catchy “Back to the Laboratory,” and the purely instrumental “Napoleon Invades Russia” are some of the favorites on the album. The Bosch boys are good songwriters and have a keyboard player who also plays clarinet and sax, adding a flare of ‘50s rock on tracks such as “Teenage Symphony” and “Matching Girlfriend.”

They play with style and gusto, and just when you think you’ve figured them out, they take a wild turn on the next song. And that could be their greatest asset: having a very unique style without having to stick to it! There are not very many bands that can get away with that, but The Bosch does it well, clean and fun – no compromise, no mess, and not a single boring moment on the album.

If you’re into garage rock, you’ll appreciate the rough production, which exudes a certain sense of intimacy on an album that otherwise could have been a step closer to the bevy of other so-claimed ‘garage bands’ out there with “The” names.
Get the album and enjoy this awesome indie band before they are found (and most likely ruined) by the corporate rock powers.