Frozen in Carbonite

You may have noticed that it’s a little quieter than usual here at The Bosch World HQ. After a long hiatus trekking through the Andes mountains and then sailing across the Pacific Ocean, I’ve returned back to NYC to find that without my expert guidance, The Bosch needed to go on hiatus. Currently, the band is frozen in carbonite. If it survives, it should be very well preserved.

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping you posted on the other assorted musical projects that The Boscheteers are creating and playing in.

Oh, and here’s a nice review of Hurry Up from Bill Holmes at Pop Culture Press/Under the Radar

Pigeonhole Bosch? Not when at any time you can scrape th DNA of Greg Cartwright and Link Wray guitar tones, Iggu’s sneer, Adam Ant’s marching beat, and the lo-fi punch (complete with dissonant horn support) of garage legends the Penetrators… Great stuff.

-Josiah A. Pseudonym.