Some fresh clips

Some people have written nice things about us on the web in the last couple of weeks.

Concert Livewire: Livewire’s exclusive interview with The Bosch, “One band of note that has recently emerged from this ever-bourgeoning scene is The Bosch, a quartet that successfully marries the immediate, one-two punch of punk bands like The Ramones and The Dead Boys with the detached cool of Lou Reed, while also adding in enough Nuggets-era stained garage rock and West Coast surf music to make both Lenny Kaye and Dick Dale beam with pride.”

The Cheap Pop Enjoyable EP by The Bosch: “The Bosch’s second release, an EP entitled ‘Hurry Up,’ is immediately appealing.”

Time Out NY: The Bosch: “The Bosch’s recent EP, Hurry Up, is a fun collection of boppin’ rock & roll tunes, juiced with plenty of ’50s-style twang.”

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted: This Week’s Live Picks: “Wow, two of the most criminally ignored bands of 2007 together in one place! Both The Bosch and El Jezel released solid albums last year, but most seemed to go almost unnoticed while much shittier bands were getting lauded on every blog from here to Siberia.”