Are we there yet?

The Bosch station wagon of rock and roll is driving along towards the release of Hurry Up. Right now, elves are using tiny little laser pens to etch ones and zeroes on shiny plastic discs. (Um, that means the CD copies are being duplicated.)

This is the snazzy cover art:
Hurry Up

The full track listing is:

  1. This Town
  2. Worst Thing
  3. 1776
  4. Paperback
  5. Counting
  6. Back to Reality
  7. Brooklyn Cars

You can listen to the entire EP online now and download songs very soon.

You should also come to Pianos on Friday June 15. We will be playing at 11 PM and it will be good.

Counting and 1776 were used in the soundtrack of Episode 2 of Band in a Bubble on MTV. It’s available streaming online. This episode will air again a few times during this week on MTV and MTV2.