A little of this, a little of that

Thanks to all the Bosch faithful who braved the weather to come out to Trash for the show last night!

In other news, Buy One, Get One is now available on the iTunes Music Store

Metronome leads off this week’s WOXY weekly podcast show Unsigned which features promising unsigned artists… See www.woxy.com for more info. I’ve been listening to the WOXY stream during the last couple of days and it really is a great indie rock radio station.

What else? We’ve lined up a nice little tour outside the city in early December. Here’s the itinerary:
Monday Dec. 4 – The Boar’s Nest, Norfolk, VA
Tuesday Dec. 5 – Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA
Wednesday Dec. 6 – Sharkey’s, Blacksburg, VA

Finally, we found the first review of our new CD, “Buy One, Get One,” from independentsonly.com. It’s short, so here’s the whole thing:

Did I hear a Rolling Stone’s influence? I heard a lot of influences on this disc from Brooklyn’s The Bosch. It’s sixties psychedelic rock infused with elements of ska and punk. It’s freaking great! Completely engulfing you with a delivery of spastic, high-energy guitars and vocals, The Bosch don’t bring to mind New York… more like the British invasion that brought the world The Kinks. The saxophone leads the rhythm of almost all tracks but often pushed aside by surf riffs and a haunting organ.
R.I.Y.L.: The Buzzcocks, The Kinks, The Who

As always, you can buy the disc at CD Baby.