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Here are some links back to blogs, podcasts and satellite radio shows that are interviewing, playing and/or mentioning The Bosch:

Matt did a nice little interview with our favorite Canadian music blog, Villians Always Blink: Interview with the Bosch

The ever-wonderful 3hive blogged about Hurry Up: The Bosch: “This NYC quartet offers short, rich, intense songs that are better enjoyed on their own, without comparison.”

We’ll be in this week’s R>A>D>A>R REPORT on XMU on Thursday Sept. 13 at 10pm. The Radar Report Encores every Friday at 2pm ET and Every Saturday at 6am ET. The show airs on: XMU, XM RADIO Channel 43, XM RADIO Online, Direct TV Channel 831 and on AOL.

XMU, XM 43, is located on XM SATELLiTE RADiO in the United States and Canada. If you don’t have XM you can listen online for free at http://xmro.xmradio.com using the following code: XMB4MD

This week’s Punky Radio podcast features a selection from Hurry Up. If you like the podcast, Subscribe in iTunes.

Radio Crystal Blue— freeform internet radio– will include music from The Bosch The show airs Sunday September 16 7pm ET(local) and runs for 5-6 hours.

Hurry Up has been added to the rotation of a number of college radio stations. The number is greater than 1 and less than 200.

Villains Always Blink

Villains Always Blink: Interview with the Bosch: “I’ve been taken with this indie punk pop band from New York since back in the fall of 2005 when I stumbled upon them in WOXY’s unsigned bands feature. Two years later, they’ve made a slight change in their line-up (added a Canadian!), released a new EP (titled Hurry Up), and still have a killer saxophone sound. Guitarist and vocalist Matt Harrison of the Bosch kindly answered some questions for Villains Always Blink.”

Waved Rumor

Waved Rumor: The Bosch – Mercury Lounge gig, MP3s

“The Bosch are a NYC combo that rocks out in all the right ways. They describe their music as…”a New York City quartet who sounds something like what might happen “if Brian Wilson, Dick Dale, and Joey Ramone stayed up all night taking speed pills and Ritalin.” Heck, that works for me. Although Dick Dale would kick both skinny Joey’s and pansy Brian’s asses.”


3Hive: The Bosch

I usually don’t read e-mails from publicists — sorry… I know it must take so long to cut and paste our names (usually incompletely or incorrectly) into the form messages you send out that often do not reflect any real understanding of what this blog does — but Tony’s pitch for The Bosch caught my eye. Now, I’m not usually one for crazy, mixed-up comparisons, and I almost got lost in the ones provided for The Bosch: Joey Ramone, Dick Dale and Brian Wilson, or maybe The White Stripes, The Violent Femmes and Phil Spector, or even The Clash, the Femmes, Spector, Bruce Springsteen and Man… Or Astroman. However, I like enough of these performers to download a few tracks, and I liked them enough to share them with you. This NYC quartet offers short, rich, intense songs that are better enjoyed on their own, without comparison. These are from their newest album, Hurry Up, while four more off Buy One, Get One, from 2005, are available on the band’s website.