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Exciting News

Sunday, September 12th, 2004

Josiah Pseudonym, Manager Extraordinaire of The Bosch, here to relate some exciting news…

First off, I’d like to say thanks to the big crowd at Luna Lounge last night here in NYC – you guys were rowdy as ever, which I certainly appreciamate, and y’all gave The Bosch one of their biggest draws yet at the Lounge. Woot! I hope you agree with me that the Bosch boys delivered, with a particularly ferocious cover of the timely classic Clampdown, as well as with their sweaty rock standards. Also hope yez can catch ‘em on Thursday the 23rd, when they play at the MEANY Fest show at the basement of CB’s Lounge. It’s $8, true, but you see 7 other bands… and the louder you cheer, the closer The Bosch get to the cover of Guitar World Magazine…

Second, check out the new entries in the SEXY TATTOO CONTEST. As in real life: Vote early ‘n vote often!Sexxxxy

The Big Time?…
I’m also very pleased to announce that The Bosch is now working with Tinderbox Music on a North American radio push for the Fall. You can look forward to hearing The Bosch’s Havin’ Fun, Soundin’ Good on college, NPR, and independent radio stations throughout Canada and the U.S.A. I’ll be showin’ The Bosch’s infiltration of rock radio on this here web site, and I’ll also be puttin’ up the phone numbers and email addresses of radio stations spinning The Bosch so that, if you’re nearby one of said stations, you get the DJ on the horn and request Bosch staples like “Metronome” or “1776.”So pretty excitin’ stuff around here, eh?… Me, I got to go sleep off a rough night of wilding after the Bosch set, I’ll be back soon…

Josiah A. Pseudonym

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